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Having trouble finding villages


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I've been playing for a week or two now, love the mod pack btw, but with hours of exploring I can't seem to find even one village.


Any advice?


EDIT: To be more specific, in what biomes can villages generate?

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I had the same problem when I initially created my world. You can set the distance between villages to a lower number in the BiomesoPlenty config, under terraingen. There you can also set which biomes you want villages to generate in. I set the distance "Distance between villages" to 20, made a couple of changes to which biomes can actually have villages spawn, re-generated my world, and was happy with the outcome. Hope this helps.


Edit; also, when you generate a world, you have to use the BiomesoPlenty option, if you do normal I'm pretty sure the changes you made in the config will still remain default.

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Careful how close you make them though, I wouldn't make them any closer than 0siris has.  In minecraft, if a village spawns too close to another one they merge and minecraft counts them as one - this wouldn't matter except that the village centre moves to the middle between both villages (and villagers will move toward it).  If they sprawl large enough, you can end up in a situation where a pair of villagers trapped near an edge can end up spawning villagers infinitely - this is one of the reasons they're restricted to the range they are in minecraft (culling them can also be a nuisance, as infinite villagers means lots of iron golems, though it can be useful to get lots of iron I guess, and some people do replicate the conditions deliberately :)

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