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  1. Hi, been a while since I've played Minecraft/ABT modpack. Before I could play the game with optifine 1.6.4 installed, but now I get a crash when I've tried to reinstall optifine to the latest, stable version of the pack. I don't really see anything about Optifine in the crash log, but here is the report; ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Hi. I'm Minecraft, and I'm a crashaholic. Time: 4/15/14 4:59 AM Description: Unexpected error java.lang.NullPointerException at powercrystals.minefactoryreloaded.render.IconOverlay.func_94209_e(IconOverlay.java:97) at mapwriter.BlockColourGen
  2. You can manually change the item ID's through the config files. Check the IDConflicts.txt for the IDs that need resolved, and for numbers you can use to change them to. For example 2839: betterstorage.flintBlock from betterstorage - blockDirt from Chisel Suggested Ranges: 3522-4080 (559 IDs), 571-999 (429 IDs), 2268-2539 (272 IDs) Go into better storage config, and make the flintBlock to 3522.
  3. I spawned next to a ravine and the bat was the first morph I got as well. Real helpful.
  4. I thought they did lose their buffs upon dying, and just kept backup genes at the ready.
  5. I had the same problem when I initially created my world. You can set the distance between villages to a lower number in the BiomesoPlenty config, under terraingen. There you can also set which biomes you want villages to generate in. I set the distance "Distance between villages" to 20, made a couple of changes to which biomes can actually have villages spawn, re-generated my world, and was happy with the outcome. Hope this helps. Edit; also, when you generate a world, you have to use the BiomesoPlenty option, if you do normal I'm pretty sure the changes you made in the config will still
  6. Hey guys, I have a question regarding ProjectRed transportation pipes. I'm trying to make an (aesthetically nice ) sorting system, but I've run into a problem. What I'm wondering is if it is at all possible to have the routed request pipe above an input chest? I'm using a BetterStorage locker as the chest, and items keep looping through the system when I request them. Is there any way around this, or am I stuck with having to move the chest somewhere else? Here is what I mean.. http://i.imgur.com/7V5xr8V http://imgur.com/plNL0zX Thanks. edit; also, I can get it to stop looping,
  7. I see in the crash log you are out of memory.. Have you tried allocating more in the launcher?
  8. I've had a similar problem, but it was caused by lag. Have you tried to re-download the pack? Or if that doesn't work, maybe downgrade?
  9. You can manually remove (most) mods yourself. If anything, I would recommend removing the larger mods, and mods you don't see yourself using. Just sort the /mods folder by size. Also, if you are like me and only have a 32 bit PC, you can download MagicLauncher and it will let you allocate a little bit more than the 1GB (around 1250 for me) that the technic platform allows.
  10. Is there any way to remove the ExtendedRenderer mod? When I take it out of the mod folder, the game loads and just quits out, here is what the crash report says. http://pastebin.com/k7rSbbG6
  11. The amount of worlds you have shouldn't affect anything. How much RAM does your computer have? And how much is allocated in the launcher?
  12. Sorry if this is posted somewhere obvious, but where can I find a changelog of what was added in the newer packs? Thank you.
  13. How tall do you have the smeltery built? Are you out of room in it?
  14. Was the game running when you tried to remove it? If you haven't got this sorted out yet, you might just have to change the values manually.. that's what I had to do when I launched the modpack via MagicLauncher.
  15. Yeah I had issues with trying cobblestone, too. Glad you got it sorted out ;p
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