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Me And My Friends Cant Get Onto My Server


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So I downloaded BTeam_Server_v1.0.9c and i launched the server and set everything up. I port fowarded and all that. then when me and my friend try to join my server heres what it says:




Any known fix? I downloaded the server from this site and i have tried hitting the settings button under the mod pack in the technic launcher and manually changing the version to 1.0.9c. If you got a solution it would be highly appreciated thanks.

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The same thing happened to me its angering me. Also when i made my first minion in necromancy mod i crashed and couldn't log in for an hour now this happens. Haven't been able to log into the sever since but there are people playing on it right now. Someone please help i already reset it multiple times deleted attack of the b-team. Someone please give a me a solution,

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