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Advanced Genetics - Question


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Anyone know how to manually remove a gene from a player? I tried looking in the configs or even searching around to see if there is a file that saves the gene info in it. I mean how else would it store the information? Unless it writes it directly into the Player.dat file.


Either way, if anyone knows how to manually remove a gene from a player I'd be eager to learn how to do so myself. I am not sure if many of you are aware of the Advanced Genetics exploit (which I will not post here) but it kinda ruins servers if found out.


I have already modified the config file to deactivate the gene, HOWEVER now all you get is spammed with an error message saying an admin has disabled to gene. So I am looking for a way to manually remove it from my players.


Help is appreciated.

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I know there's commands called gene list to see what a player has, and gene add or gene remove to give and take them away, but I've never actually used them - I'd start by trying those.


Sorry I can't be more helpful.


Interesting, I didn't know those existed. However on an MCPC+ server even if you are OP you do not have access to those commands. SOOOO after doing some digging it seems that the permission node used for Advanced genetics is com.advGenetics.Command.GeneCommand AND adding that into my permission handler gives me access to those commands BUT I don't know if their are arguments to actually take them away from players.

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