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Ok so I hope i can ask this queison.  I would like to disable creeper damage.   Now I have spawn-monsters=false.  I have never had a server befor and this is just for me and a friend.  I have done some reserce and have found that you  can add World Guard and World Edit .  However my server is run simply off the B-team server file and hamachi.  When I open the folder there is no folder for plugins as seen on the videos I have watched.  Is there a way I can type in a command to stop creeper explosions or do someting else to get rid of them so I can have the other monsters back?  THank you for your time.   Also are the tornadoes disabled?  if no how can I do that?

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To use something like WorldGuard or WorldEdit you need to download MCPC-Plus.  You can get the latest stable version from here: http://ci.md-5.net/job/MCPC-Plus-164/


You replace your BTeam.jar file with the file you just downloaded and make sure to rename it BTeam.jar (you might want to keep the old as backup).  After restarting the server you'll find a plugins folder.  Place your WorldGuard.jar and WorldEdit.jar files in there and restart it yet again and they should be active.  To make adjustments to settings you'll need to get in there and change their configs.

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