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Ultra Modded Survival Not Responding


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I have added Ultra Modded Survival Mod Pack to my technic launcher, allocated 3 gbs of ram to Minecraft, ran the pack and with windows it said not responding at the load title with captain sparkelz face, then it crashed back to the technic launcher. Help? Also all the mods from the mod packs are in my .technic directory.

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You are providing frighteningly little information with which someone might help you. Logs, crash reports, etc.


As for allocating 3G, try cutting it down to 1.5G and see if your situation improves. How much memory does your PC have? If it is only 4G then giving 75% of that to the launcher (which will actually use more than what you set) will cause your PC to start using swap space and that is never a good plan.

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