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[1.0.9]AspireGames[1.6.4] [Towny] [150 Slots] [32GB RAM]

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Now Running [1.0.9c]


Welcome To AspireGames
This is a serer which is part of the AspireGames HIVE
This server has a freindly and possitive atmosphire
our website is now live it will appear
here at aspiregames.us
The IP is : aspiregames.no-ip.org:55555
The TS IP : aspiregames.no-ip.org
I hope To See You Online!
Server Specs:
64GB Ram
8 Core 2 Prossesor 4.8GHz Prossesers!
This Is A Dedicated Server Which Means That There
Will Be Minimal LAG and 24/7 Uptime!
Any More Questions Feel Free To Contact 
me at [email protected], Ingame
Or On Our Forums/Chat On Our Site
Now A Little Bit About Plugins:
It Has Come To Our Attention That Factions
Has Some Major Issues With This Mod Pack Causing
Unbareable Amounts Of Lag...
So We Have Gone For The Minimal Amount Of Plugins
Option, Some of The Plugins Stated Below!
.Universal NOLAGG
Minions and AirShips Have Been removed, They Will Be Re-Added If/When Fixed
So.. Enough Chit Chat I Will See You Online!
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Hi Aspire just wanted to say bye im leaving your server because my base was raided by Panda who you should ban for this and im constantly being hurt or killed by the freaking voodoo poppets >:(

Nothing agenst u but I hate the players on ur server. If u see this pls tell bye to Dragon. Bye

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