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Help on adding MCPC+ to server?

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Hi, I created this account just to ask this question. I've looked everywhere else and have found no thorough step-by-step how to add MCPC+ and installing plugins (worldedit to be specific)


I also have already seen videos that are supposed to help, but no one is able to give any help on errors that occur with their instructions.


To start, I'm sorry if i'm doing something wrong. I have never posted in forums before. I already know how to make a server, port forward, have the latest version of java, have WinRAR, and know how to change basic files inside the server. But I do not know how to add MCPC+ therefore allowing me to add plugins. A some-what detailed tutorial would be much appreciated.



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well, I don't know if this will be detailed enough or what kind of problems you might be having, but MCPC+ basically requires you to:
(1) download the appropriate build... so that generally means the latest stable build from here (http://ci.md-5.net/job/MCPC-Plus-164/)

(2) place that file in your server folder and either:

  (2a) change your launch.bat to run that file instead of BTeam.jar, OR;

  (2b) rename the MCPC+ file to BTeam.jar (keep the old as backup just in case)

(3) once you run the server once it will create a plugins folder automatically, though you could just create your own first.

(4) drop any plugins (typically plugin .jars or .zips) into the 'plugins' folder and restart the server


should be that straightforward.

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No worries. I am doing this all via SSH on my server. I modified the .bat and started up the server and saw no difference. Then modified the .sh and the load up is different. Had a player login and check it and things all seem to be good. 

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