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  1. Thanks for confirming. I figured it was bunk since there's no source and they are only testing version 1.0.11a right now. Those wiki pages though, people can write anything there.
  2. This wiki page is listing additions to the next version of the mod pack http://attack-of-the-bteam.wikia.com/wiki/Attack_of_the_B-Team_Wiki is this true or a bunch of BS?
  3. Use the minions mod then. They'll dig out a large area with no work on your part.
  4. You would just need to use additional Activators surrounding the area to make them 'faster'.
  5. Having a magic mod that is counter to Witchery would be nice. I like Thaumcraft but it may be a bit too big to have added in at this point. Quarry is pointless since you can literally find most of the games materials within the first 10 layers. I found diamond just sitting on the surface just the other day. The quarry was for digging out large areas and finding every little bit you could. You cant go 3 blocks without running into something here.
  6. While the TE tanks can hold more the Openblocks tanks are cheaper to make and look better when full of liquids such as molten metal. You can even edit the Openblocks config to have their tanks hold more buckets.
  7. If you can support your case with more then 'it would be cool' that would help your chances of having it added to the pack at some point. Tell us what specifically you think would add to this mod or how it would benefit. Please note that there is already a ton of mods in this pack and bloating it further with 'cool' stuff isn't the best idea.
  8. after setting up the server and downloading the new client side data im getting ID 102 does not match server and client Whats the best way to resolve this?
  9. Yup sounds like it would just bloat this mod pack further.
  10. Are you trying to craft just one type of thing or be able to make anything on the fly?
  11. Unmodded I do not think there is much. If you can install Bukkit plugins there are several you can use to remove all entities on the ground.
  12. Are you trying to add it and it is crashing on you? Have you reviewed the log for details on why it is crashing?
  13. There's nothing too major and a large number of the biomes can be removed without much issue. The biggest thing to worry about are the gems to make the staff and those can spawn in several biomes each. Just don't remove all of the desert biomes, the snow biomes and etc and you'll be good.
  14. You can also go into the config file for the biomes mod and set most of the other biomes to not be generated so you get the ones you like.
  15. Personally I use netherrack to make lava and fuel my dynamos so I just go strip mining. I found a decent amount of each of the ores while doing this. Flying around found me mostly just ardite. To find the cobalt I always have to dig a little.
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