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Server crash cause of chunk updaters?!


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Hey guys, we own a little server with 8 slots and 2GB RAM



today i wanted to make some qcraft portals with a portal point where u can acces all the other portals from


i set up approx 4 or 5 chunk updaters (i think they were configured to load 9 chunks each of them), to make the portals to work



as i was flying around to find some nice portal-spots (i`ve set up 1 already), the server crashed, maybe because of too much chunk load


i dont know if this happened because i was flying around or because of the 5 chunk updaters, as 1 is in our hometown, where my mates were around (so it doesnt count i think)



4 chunk uptaters with 9 chunks are 36 loaded chunks in total by the updaters...



we were 3 people on the server as this happened




so was it because of flying around (optifine view distance far +32) or because of the chunk updaters?!

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I once heard a rule of thumb is 512MB RAM per player, so maybe you are skirting the limit with 5 or more, and small things will push the server over the edge. So if it remains stable with 3-4 players, RAM would would be my guess, too.

You can try doing that portal thing when you are the only player online. If things remain smooth then, that is a good indicator.

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ive tried it this morning alone, but it resolved in half tickrate of the server


i spammed portal jumps to several points to run the mp-chunk chache empty



i put the chunk updaters away, but when the server resumes from standby when you connect after some time it remains in half tickrate -.-





weve built several thing atm like a qcraft building and a force field and its getting more and more, i dont know if this is getting the server running slower too

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