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Issues with project red pipes and TE3


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Hi all


Anyone else experiencing issues with pipes (project red) and Thermal Expansion 3 energy pipes and fluiducts? (v1.0.9c)


Project Red Transportation issue:

I tried to make an automated farm with MineFactory Reloaded using planters, fertilizer and harvesters.

I am using two independent pipe systems. One pipe system is providing the fertilizer with stuff (one chest with the broadcast chip and the fertilizer with stockpile chips). That one is working as intended...the fertilizer get their share of stuff (unless there is not enough produced, of course).

However, the second pipe system is not working. In this system, the planters and the biofuel reactor are connected to a chest which is filled by the harvesters. The chest has a broadcast chip and the planters as well as the biofuel reactor have stockpile chips.

For a moment it works, the planters get enough seeds/carrots/potatoes to replant the fields...also the biofuel generator get some stuff. However, after a certain time the planters run dry and therefore everything does.

As far as I can see there is no possibility to give priorities to the stockpile chips.


Energy pipes and fluiducts:

Sometimes they stop working...out of the blue.

I connected some machines to redstone energy cells and they got energy. After a while they ran dry even thought there was more an 10'000'000 RF left. I took the pipes away and rebuild it and voila...they got energy again.

Same happend with fluiducts. Did not change anything, all of a sudden no flow anymore


Anyone else having those issues?



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I'm having an issue too! I have a harvester and planter, powered via Thermal Expansion but using ProjectRed-Transporation item pipes to take and supply items to the MineFactory stuff. The planter works, but only with seeds. If I try to put in carrots or potatos, its random, but they mostly pop out of the ground. The harvester will work, only one time then stop. The tick meter bar thing will 'hang' at 5. I have to remove the harvester, which will then drop any items it collected, such as the wheat and seeds.

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You might have better luck putting a chest behind the harvester and pulling out of that instead - the harvester looks for an inventory to pass in and not all of the pipes get detected as one correctly.


I haven't had that problem with the carrots before - did you remember to put a block of water in the middle? (one block directly over the planter seemed to work best for me with a relatively small 'farm')

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In regards to the te3 conduits I have also noticed that there is something wonky happening with the power even though everything is connected.

I cant confirm that te is the cause for sure but what seemed to work is to put a cell at the closest conduit intersection in order for that one cell to take care of a group of machines. From what I hear, by putting cells on the conduit intersections it lessens the chance of the system to freeze up. I notice this when 2 of my auto spawners that normally run non stop, stopped working. This also happened with my harvesters, planters, and advanced genetics machines. It seems to happen when closing the world then opening it back up again. Anyway I also had a bunch of other machines like furnaces, pulverizers, induction smelters, magma crucibles, all grinders for mob farms, and planters, harvesters, fertilizers, and a fully automated setup for advanced genetics with at least 4 overclockers on each machine, all of this connected to the same output from ONE resonant ender cell. As you can imagine there were a bunch of intersections for the conduits, often splitting from the main output into secondary and tertiary output lines. By putting cells on the intersections with the secondary and tertiary output lines, it seemed to have stopped the issue of machines freezing up. The advanced genetics setup had its own cell, the farming setup had a cell, the autospawners had a cell and the ore processing setup ahd a cell, all resonant ender cells.

Hope this helps. Also for the project red transport issue, it really depends on what version you are using because there have been some major rewrites and it IS considered to still be in BETA as per the main project red website. Either way check that all your chips and pipes are connected properly , and try breaking and replacing them. Then just test test test.

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You might be possibly have to rework the project red logistics to something that will work.

I personally have te itemducts on the outputs of my harvesters to resupply my planters with whatever the planter is planting. I have the input pipe on the planters to vaccuum mode to make sure they take priority, then all the overstock is sent to a overstock chest which has its pipe set to dense in order for it to be the last destination. All items in the overstock chest outputs to my main project red mass storage system.

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