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I need a Coven - Help Please!


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Alright so I was wondering what is needed to be done for Coven Witches to join your Coven.

I've made a Seer's Stone, I have a cat familiar, I've done the Infusion of Light, I've killed a Demon and I've defeated the Horned Huntsman. Is there nothing I can do to prove I am skilled in the art?

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Haha touche, I've heard of that before :)


Off topic, I went to the Moon, and the text didn't come up telling me I needed to slow down so now I've lost my best sword, my best pick, my Resonant Strongbox full of supplies for the Moon and apparently Enhanced Portals don't accept modifiers up there. Needless to say I feel kinda cheated out, and I can't easily replace my lost tools either.

And I spent so long preparing for it :(

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