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Tutorial - I think it's the best Tree Harvester


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Hello everyone!


I have a tutorial today for 74% automatic Tree Harvester!








So, if yoy want to build this you gonna need :


Lots of coal, bone meal and saplings

2x water bucket

2x Autonomous Activator

1x Dirt

1x Harvester

1x Aqueous Accomulator

1x Steam Dynamo

1x Leadstone Energy Cell

3x Leadstone Energy Conduit

Optionally : 3x chest

                   3x itemduct

                   3x redstone block/torch or leaver



1 Step -


You must build your energy maker so, you gonna use your Aqueous Accomulator, two water buckets, steam dynamo and leadstone energy cell.




You must add coal to your steam dynamo (You can add a hopper facing to steam dynamo for adding more coal)


2 Step -


Now you gonna need your energy conduits, Harvester and a dirt block.




You need to set a collour of an output of your energy to orange.


3 Step -


Next step is for autonomous activators.

You need to put them like this :




To one of them you need to put your Bone Meal :




And to second you need to put a Saplings (for your own good DESTROY one of the leadstone energy conduits!) :






Optionally step 1 :


Behind an Autonomous Activator with Bone Meal in it you can put your itemduct and a chest.






Optionally step 2 :


Behind a Harvester you can put your two itemducts and a double chest.









And thats it !

This is how it looks like :



Thanks for reading!




PS. You need to pump out your sludge from a harvester :)

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More expensive to set up, but cheaper to run for sure.


For people setting up that kind of MFR system remember that 4 smaller (5x5) planters and harvesters are 4 times faster than 1 large (10x10) one as the speed at which the planter and harvester checks blocks doesn't increase, it only checks a larger area.  Note that it's not 4 times faster (though it can be close if they're large enough), but it does cost 4 times more.  Generally I find by the time I set up a system like this the initial cost is becoming irrelevant, and I guess if you wanted to set something up early and had a bunch of charcoal and bonemeal then something like this could work for that.  You can set it up if you can't find clay for some reason too (stuck in a massive desert biome or something).

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