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Hi there! i am here to ask the creator of the modpack "Attack-Of-The-B-Team" to add the mod "Buildcraft".to His/Her modpack.


Please can you add it.Almost like every YouTuber uses it.Especially Captain Sparklez he uses it for his amazing modpack


"Ultra-Modded-Survival".And as all of you know that Captain Sparklez is the 2nd or 3rd most subscribed Minecraft YouTuber in Youtube.


And yeah reduce the FPS issues we all are having.It takes 5 minutes for the modpack to load and 1 single Minute To crash.So please


reply and fix the Lag issue.And Goodbye  :kiddo:

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They can't really fix the lag issue. just mainly down to your own computer. Changed the amount of ram in the launcher to help yet?


I doubt they will add buildcraft as you already have red power. The idea of this modpack was to be simple not complicated with loads of machines ;)

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FPS issues? I'm not having any issues related to FPS, nor are countless other people. So you saying all of us is impossible. Also, doubt your suggestion will be considered due to the intended nature of the modpack. If you want something more complicated, make your own modpack or use a different modpack available from technic.

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