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Server Crashing

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So i was playing in creative on my Tekkit Lite server testing out how well an igneous extruder tower would create scrap, when all of a sudden i clicked on one of them and nothing happened! Confused, i clicked it again, and then.............. crash. O.K., no biggie, the server sometimes crashes when i right click a redstone timer, no harm ever done. Restart the server, and............................. crash. O.K. Minecraft is being moody, we will wait. Wait a day and see if it will play ball, try to start server server about 4 times and............. crash, crash, crash, hey, guess what? crash. So now my lovely forum goers, i now ask of you to help me remedy my server problem.


Here is the latest crash report:



Thank you for your time.

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  • Discord Moderator

Good thing for you that this forum doesn't get much attention. The mods disklike bumps very much.


As for your crash, if you are always getting the same crash then you need to use MCEdit to remove the ME Contoroller at -392,65,285.

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thank you for your reply kind sir.

i went in and did delete the controller and was able to get into the world.

sadly, when i got in and placed down a new controller the world sort of, most definitely, took a shit. 

i moved the controller to another area and it also caused the server to crash.

do you have any more ideas?


new report:


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