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HELP! "routing thread eating up cpu. FIX"

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Whenever i log in to any "Attack of the b-team" world there is a message saying that there is a "routing thread eating up cpu. FIX". After a few minutes of playing it will lag a ****, then if i log out then log back in it will say "minecraft has encountered an error, not enough memory. I have tried deleting Attack of the BT and re downloading it but it didn't work. Can anyone help?

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That doesn't help the lag attacks.

It doesn't help people find your issue if you're not posting it in the right place, and I'm becoming reluctant to help in the wrong place (it seems to encourage people).  It saves me time if it's in the right place at any rate, and if you want some help from volunteers, asking them to spend extra time because you don't feel like following the rules and guidelines for posting issues might not be the best way to get their attention (in a good way at least).

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