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First of all, your talking about two different mods. Galacticraft is the mod where you can go to the moon. The other mod you are talking about is IC2 which isn't even in tekkit. If you want to use IC2 try tekkit classic or tekkit lite. If you need more help to get started with tekkit, try looking up some of the mods on YouTube.

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Tekkit uses a few core tech mods instead of IndustrialCraft. Look up how to get started in Thermal Expansion, then Galacticraft (the one with the rocket-to-the-moon). This should give you a few ideas.

Galacticraft probably uses whatever is provided, so in a modpack that also has IndustrialCraft, it will use things like Refined Iron. But this is not how it works in Tekkit. Be assured that in Tekkit, all contained mods can be used with what is available, you just have to figure out what that is.

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