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What Crashes Servers?


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  Hello! I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what items, or mod can cause a server to crash when used. I'v had to do a world reset 3 different times because somethings causing a mass chunk error/server shutdown every time the chunks loaded.

  I'm running version 1.0.9c due to problems with the newest version, and players not knowing how to update mods manually. I already know MrCrayfish ovens, and minions can mass crash servers, but am i missing something? All help would be appreciated, and if you require further info about anything mentioned above, please feel free to ask.

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Known issues by myself:


Galacticraft & TE power systems (infinite power bug related to cables)

EnchancedPortals & Galacticraft (or other dimensions)

The Promised Land (pixie spawn rate is super high)


And as you mentioned,

MrCrayfish Oven (non-vanilla foods crash it)



The minions mod crashing the server seems to be very rare and shouldn't be a problem really.

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Thanks for the help, but as for the glitched power, I know there's about 15 people that have it on a server i help run. Its' never really crashed from that, but the moment I enable minions, it's like a nuke exploding in the console, sending error messages everywhere resulting in a crash

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Glitched power doesn't really cause crashes, it corrupts chunks (until a server reboot it's usually fine, afterwards there's a huge missing or funky chunk where it used to be - the server simply cannot store the impossible values that can end up in one of those systems).  If you've got backups I guess you could restore just those areas from them so it wouldn't be a huge issue.


I've had problems with minions causing anything from lag to crashes, it seems to be a luck thing.  Sometimes they're fine.


I usually turn off morph because it does funny things like leaving entities in portals after teleporting (that can cause crashes, but a server restart clears them up).


Archimedes ships if combined with certain blocks (notably the carpenters blocks) will cause a local crash for anyone around the entity on the server.  The server stays up though (because the entity disappears when the player gets kicked and doesn't come back until the player does it doesn't even overload the server or leave a 'dead' area like the oven).


The crayfish oven can have its config file modded to allow it to cook most food types, Halestorm posted his tweak a while back.

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Loader that tweak you mentioned I tried myself and it ended up failing to work. Not sure if the IDs changed for some reason from when he posted them to when i tried it in 1.0.9c but it still had failed and caused the same crash. Also, totally forgot about the archimedes issue, but knew about it to.

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