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[1.2.8e] Tekkit Server~~Leaf's tekkit survival~~ 24 SLOT gentleman's rules!


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Hello friends Leaf here,


Im done with college for awhile and I have a small 24 slot server for tekkit survival.

If you are looking for a competitive, fun, and small private server you can call you own to play on I hope mine can provide that haven for you!


Come one come all! 

-will start whitelisting if it gets too crazy.



Server Ip: mc7.fadehost.com:25674


Rules: There are no banned items and no rules, we like to say treat others how you want to be treated. and we play by that rule so what goes around comes around. Peace makes peace war makes war etc.


I'm 20 years old live in california, need anything else skype me @dewhiersoux

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