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Villager voices, what on earth?


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Not to say I don't enjoy a bit of ambience with my villages, but when there's quite a bit of them together, they all seem to spam these new voices of theres so much that it becomes quite unbearable to stay in the village for long.


What mod is making these villagers have these voices and what would be the easiest way to tone them down / remove them? I generally love settling in villages and breeding villagers, but I don't want to have to mute all sounds just to play in one, and the new voices / sounds are pretty brutal at times. 5+ voices all simultaneously saying one of 5 or so phrases can quickly get tiresome and a bit annoying.


Not trying to bash or anything, but I just really don't like the voices much, because they overlap so hard and becomes really kind of obnoxious. Also, I looked around on the internet and it's almost like I'm the only one having this problem, because I literally found nothing pointing me in the right direction.

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Thanks! You guys are the best. Turns out a texture pack I had did indeed include those villager sounds, and it's all good now, guys! A mod can probably lock this so it doesn't clutter.

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