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Hack/Slash Suggestions

Let me know what you think.

Suggestion #1

I would advice there to be an maximum level. It would help situations where new players join the server and are not brutally behind by 100 levels. Also, the durability repairing is freaking annoying at 100+ level.

Suggestion #2

The bag system needs a trash can.

Suggestion #3

Shift click for multiple ingots or leather to be used to repair the item rather than endless rotation to repair.

Suggestion #4

Turn the attribute A (not currently being used) to be a pvp attribute. Have it be Resilience that would reduce the chance of being critted on.


Skills can be bound to items. “/bind charge“ would bind that skill to that weapon or type that is currently being held. You would then use the ability with a right click on the mouse. This would be GREATLY appreciated.

Suggestion #6

Warrior Skill Suggestions

1- Disarm: Target can not equip a weapon. Duration: 3 seconds.

2- Cleave: Damages the target and all enemies within 5 blocks of the target for 150% (perhaps80-100%) your equipped weapon's damage. Cool down is 5 seconds.

3- Soul Fire: Attacks with a sword have a 7% chance to set your target on fire for 5 seconds. Buff Last 3 minutes and Cool down of 5 seconds.

4- Shield: Hold and activate a door in order to raise your defense for an X amount of time. Treated as a Buff.


Wizard Skill Suggestion

1- Removes buffs from Target.


When I click on a Chest, I can not possibly see all my items. It would be great if there was a tab/flip page button to go to the next page of items. Thx


Point to Point Gates would be neat.


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Wow, I'm loving the thought I'm getting from everyone. The problem is mostly a matter of me getting around to implementing these sortof things (for example, the buff/debuff system, which is soon on the menu). Once some more basic mechanics are in place, the spells will get better. I just need to get through finals next week and I'll be able to devote more time to some things :)

Inter-village waypoints are planned, and are totally coming soon!

Bags will be fixed at some point, but I'm more worried about game-crashers than nuisances atm. It is a pretty big nuisance, admittedly.

The planned level cap is 30, but I'm considering reworking it. I wasn't thinking higher levels when creating the temporary repair system XD

Thanks for the input!

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I had an idea too. what if we combined tekkit, a dougnnut, fast food, technic, mo creatures, thaumcraft, unicorns, rainbows, $15 million, a year's supply of dog food, a brand new car, and a copy of our home game. I'd call it, "fucking retarded". it's brilliant, I know. you mod authors can thank me later once you're raking in the fame and money using my idea, for a modest licensing fee of course. someone better get on this though, because this shit is HOT.

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