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duplication bugs to be aware of...

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For all you server owners out there..


I was recently searching youtube to see if anyone was stupid to post duplication bugs.


theres a dupe issue with autospanwners and luggage.


I would recommend ALL server owners Ban the


Luggage and the project red bags. or ban the auto-spawner.

your call. either way. its a big time dupe glitch.


also, for those of you using towny plugin on your server.

make sure to prevent the item mover as it causes strongboxes on someone elses towny owned land to become a creative box.

(as to do with the item id. and meta id useage) very odd glitch. its not with the mudpack..just with how it reacts with towny coding.

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The luggage I can understand.. but why the project red backpacks?

*edit* just tested this, I thought you mean't the luggage could be caught in a safari net, but I couldn't get that to work. So I'm guessing you mean mobs holding these items? then capturing them and spawning them?

But in the one of the recent MFR updates, the one included in 1.10x, skyboy disabled mobs dropping held items after spawning them with a auto-spawner. So that doesn't work now either.

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ah, the new update should fix the bag issues.


it was replicated by making a bag, filling it with loot...spawning an enity...the entity picks up the bag..and the use the auto-spawn to make an exact copy.

so the mob would spawn, with the bag, with the items.


the luggage dupe is much simplier. The luggage IS considered and entity. so you capture it with a safari net, and put it in a  autospawn and set to "exact copy= true"


atleast tahts how it shows it on youtube. you can youtube "bteam dupe glitch" and you'll find the tutorial easy. :/


the strongbox dupe is just an issue if you use towny plugin. it dosnt seem to happen on faction land.

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Ahh indeed.. luggage can be caught in a net. I was doing it wrong.

However MFR does have a config setting to blacklist spawning of certain entities with the auto-spawner, but I'm not certain how to find the entity id of the luggage. I did try some names I found, looking at the openblocks source on github, such as 'Luggage, EntityLuggage, openblocks.common.entity.entityluggage, entity.OpenBlocks.Luggage', but none of them seemed to block it from spawning.

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There are a multitude of ways mods' entities are referenced. Capitalization and spacing do matter in them as well, so while either of those suggestions may be the valid one, the capitalization may be off causing it not to find the entity name.

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I figured out how to blacklist it, I was close with one of the names I tried before.

I remembered that the '/cofh killall .' command will give the entity name of the entity it removed. Running the command after spawning in a luggage told me the entity name was 'OpenBlocks.Luggage'


So I edited the config file "config/powercrystals/minefactoryreloaded/common.cfg" to read:

    # A comma-separated list of entity IDs (e.g.: CaveSpider,VillagerGolem,butterflyGE) to blacklist from the AutoSpawner.

Now the autospawner wont spawn luggage. This should probably be added by default in the modpack before next release.

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