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Hexxit issues on Win8.


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Good evenin' y'all,


I've rented a MC Server, including Hexxit. I am able to connect and everything ( Win7) but my friend, doesn't (Wn8).


The Technics Launcher automatically updates his MC Version to 1.6.x - but the Server runs on 1.5.2 (Hexxit). 

My Technics Launcher does work fine tho...


Is there any explanation for this? Why his Launcher automatically downloads 1.6.x????




With kind regards, 


*signed name stolen by a wild Mankey!*

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simple: your friend is not downloading Hexxit modpack. The modpack is on 1.5.2


If your friend is on 1.6.x he's downloading something else than Hexxit.


Also, don't sign your post

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