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Just a quick question about Carpenters blocks before I start my build.


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My new build is going to be medieval city that's going to take up a small biome, and a huge castle is going to be up in the mountain range above it.  I've done stuff like this in normal Minecraft, but this is the first time doing it with this mod pack and I'm REALLY gung-ho to see what kind of art I can create with everything you can do with this mod pack.


My question is about the Carpenter's blocks.  I LOVE the idea of building with these.  But I also have a concern.  If I build a dense city and huge castle entirely out of these blocks (I have no idea how much of a toll they take on a system, but I play on a server that I run off of my computer for myself and a couple friends), will these blocks, if used in that amount, in that dense an area, lag out my server more than using standard construction blocks?  I've collected most of the resources I would need to build the city without the carpenter's blocks if this is the case, but I'd rather use the carpenter's blocks if I had the option.

Would there be any concern in using them?



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Avoid using carpenters blocks where the block is a full block. Using carpenters blocks in that amount can cause lag and issues when people go to load it up initially and unload it. If you need a slope, or other shape, feel free to use the carpenters blocks.

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