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Problem with MPS?


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Hi guys, I seem to be having some problems with MPS and I was wondering if anyone could help me out:


I've just started working on a powersuit in 1.6.4, and I'm noticing some changes from the one I had in 1.5.2. Specifically, the legs jump/sprint assist. In 1.5.2, I was able to turn jump and sprint assist all the way up and get some high, fast, far Hulk-esque sprint jumps (a good 30 block distance). In 1.6.4, my character jumps straight up even when sprinting and won't even clear 3 blocks. I've tried to cut weight down but nothing is really working. What can I do, if anything, to increase jump distance?

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I do not have everything tweaked out but I do notice that jumping is not like it used to be. I do have sprint assist installed but not jump assist. What you describe seems to be the case for me as well: no matter how fast I am going in a certain direction, when I jump, I jump straight up and break my stride. The forward momentum is not carried through the jump. It is very awkward. I have to be very careful around lava.   :supaburn:

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