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So, has anyone ever thought to make a mod that actually damages the environment around you when you fall long distances? I had this idea the other day while I was playing minecraft the other day, while listening to a dubstep interpretation of the "I'm firing my lazer" meme, and falling off a tower I built, and suddenly the base dropped as soon as I hit the ground, and I thought of how awesome it would be if my landing had actually put a crater in the ground lol.


I personally have absolutely ZERO mod-making experience, and kinda just wanted to put the idea out there.

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The thing is, how do you balance realism and fun? I tried using vanilla explosions, but they were too big, hit blocks above or to the sides of the impact, and had a tendency to kill whatever is falling. I'm writing my own explosion-type thing, but it's still hard to balance believability and effect.

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Well, consider that there is already a mod that does this, AFAIK, but it may not be updated anyways. So it's doable.


I suggest plotting it out. Try going from 2 hearts' worth of damage for just affecting the block right below you, and scale up, oh, every two or three hearts' damage per block out.

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