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What kind of [SERVER ONLY] pluggins do you use ?


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Looking to see what kinds of other mods/plugins other people have installed, things that require no additional effort on the behalf of users beyond installing the Tekkit client. It'd be nice to have a comprehensive list of useful additions to help enhance the experience. If we're lucky, some of these might actually make it into the Tekkit pack.

Please include a link !

PermissionsBukkit, Essentials - Great for server permissions and slash commands. See http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php?topic=83.0

Safe Creeper - Nerfs creeper explosions, ghasts and endermen. Still just as deadly, just not devistating to your buildings http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-safe-creeper-0-4-control-creeper-explosions-enderman-tnt-fireballs-and-more-1-0-1-r1.25253/

MinecartPermanence - Keeps chunks nearby minecarts loaded without a player around to babysit or admin privileges. http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fix-minecartpermanence-v1-1-keep-minecarts-always-loaded-1337.21988/

Ptweaks - Fixes a lot of memory issues and includes a bunch of memory tweaks that keep the server running happy. Additionally, fixes TNT explosions. Blowing up 1000 blocks of TNT works better on the server now than it does in single player. http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/ptweaks-remove-all-server-lag/

ChunkManager - Optimizes the network packets being sent to players. Essentially helps to minimize network lag and works very well with Ptweaks. http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fix-chunkmanager-0-4-2-improved-chunk-sending-algorithms-1597.48294/

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Re: What kind of [sERVER ONLY] mods do you use ?

Installed but I haven't really tested any yet, I used them with my bukkit server before tekkit released.

ForeverALoad for chunk loading


Super Cauldrons because it looked cool


PorteCoulissante for castle gates


Retractable Bridges because I had some fun launching platforms and riding them.


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Re: What kind of [sERVER ONLY] mods do you use ?

Call them plugins not mods lol (Title).

I use a lot of plugins so I won't link them. (You can just search for them anway)


In game chess with a giant board and even a timer!


Sign based shops




A configurable world generator that I use for Multiverse.


Be able to make decorated portals.


Highly configurable. Allows healing of explosions/fire after they happen (even prevent them).


Be able to get your items back after death. It has nice configuration options and economy support.


Customizable death messages.


Browser viewable map. It doesnt support custom blocks though so they would appear as shadows only.


Addon to see mob locations on the dynmap.


Addon to see worldguard regions.


I use this as a chat/command handler/plugin.


Addon to customize chat features.


Faction based chunk ownership/protection.


Keep chunks loaded.


Default economy plugin


Self explanatory. Has an optional escape feature.


Customizable jobs. Pays per action and has job levels.


Door and Chest protection.


A better, more configurable alternative to the WoodChop plugin (WoodChop has issues with worldguard).


Gives skills, levels, abilities.


Fight mobs, get rewards. Has a wave and boss system.


Changes your appearance into a mob.


More PermissionsEx nodes.


Per world or group of worlds inventory.


Multiworld plugin


Cuboid Selectable portals.


Prevent/detect odd behavior


No more "Moving too quickly" errors. Use in conjunction with NoCheat to prevent security vulnerabilities.


Bukkit perms emulator for PermissionsEx


The permission plugin I use.


Configurable boat behavior (indestructibility, returns boats instead of sticks, etc.)


Configureable chance to spawn flying mobs per world.


Epic castle gates.


Ingame registration/login. Useful for offline-mode servers.


Anti X-ray plugin.


(included in tekkit) Allows for custom recipes/banning of recipes.


Economy API plugin.


Slabs that displays items. Can be shops or information givers.


Nice spleef plugin.


Basically a ranged block deployer/breaker. I use this for water fountains.


Teleport with style!


Teraforming tool.


PVP arena plugin.


It's like an ingame MCEdit.


Protect definable regions.

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One of my favorites is the Geometric Magic plugin. We use it on our server mostly as an equivalent exchange stand-in. Plus we found a way to duplicate diamond blocks using it. Don't know if it works that way in equivalent exchange, but the geometric magic transmutation math is based heavily on equivalent exchange, so we consider it legitimate. Here's a link: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-geometricmagic-v1-01-bringing-fullmetal-alchemist-style-alchemy-to-minecraft-1-0-0-r1.49928/

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I have a great setup, shot down by plugins being derpy

Permissions EX (with Permissions bridge and mysql)

Stores permissions in mysql database to synchronize with two servers

Backup - Self explanatory, every server should have this

BadWords - Plugin that stops swearing, without filtering normal words like 'shitake' (its a mushroom) or Scunthorpe (a town name)

BukGet - allows me to download and install plugins from dev.bukkit.org or curse on the fly. Just about every plugin here is installed from it

ChanChat - basic chat formatter with channels, hope to see it developed more

ChestShop - Allows for chest and sign shops, can buy/sell anything, including mod items


Comes with Tekkit, decided to use it on both servers, adds useful commands and allows Mods to do things without needing Op

DeathTPPlus - all in one death message and chest drop plugin, drops a chest on the ground if it was in your inventory at death, placing your inventory items in it

iConomy - Money plugin running mysql backend

LWC - Necessary, chest locking tool, uses mysql backend

MobBounty - Rewards for killing mobs.

NoCheat - Self explanatory

Ptweaks - Memory and disk optimization plugin, used to keep the server from running out its 3GB RAM allocation (remember, too much RAM is never enough)

Register - needed for ChestShop

RegrowSheepcoat - Sheep regrow wool, will be obsolete with 1.1

Residence - Self serve area protection, land lease and rental plugin, works with iConomy, however, Residence has bugs in permissions and needs updating

SpawnBed - rightclick a bed to spawn there, just like Terraria. Gives users a /home without needing a /home teleport

StopLookingAtMyPlugins - Doesn't let users access /plugins to see what all I have installed

WorldEdit - tool for mods to do what they got to do

WormholeXtreme - Stargate plugin, very well designed, useful to make long distance teleports without a /tp command

That's not all my plugins, but that's all the ones I remember off the top of my head

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Re: What kind of [sERVER ONLY] mods do you use ?


Browser viewable map. It doesnt support custom blocks though so they would appear as shadows only.

a correction to this is as of the past few versions there has been support for mod items, latest version supports IC2, chargebench, advmachines,powerconverts, RP2, BC.

you have to uncomment lines in the configuration.txt file to allow it to detect these.

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Just added

Otherdrops because you can have zombies get back up (spawn a new zombie when one dies) with it


*edit*Just a warning though, this thing is a bitch when it comes to your server console. All the non-vanilla miners and new blocks cause a flood of long error messages. I'm sure there is a way to add everything to the config, but I don't feel like wading through the documentation.

I've also added a couple custom recipes to recipemanager, like wheat seeds to wheat (which is what flour is, wheat seeds).

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Permissions EX (with Permissions bridge and mysql)

Stores permissions in mysql database to synchronize with two servers

I'm curious, are you enabling modifyworld, and if so, what permissions do you have set for the entities like buildcraft, ic2, etc etc?

See I use most if not all of the above plugins everyone has listed, except that I have modifyworld turned on for finer tuning of what my users can and can't do. Keeps the builders in line, if you know what I mean. But the issue with ModifyWorld is that it doesn't allow the quarries and mines to do their stuff because of the way they are treated as players.

I had trouble finding the config once before, but can't seem to find it again. Therefore I was wondering how you had your permissionsEx yml set up.

Thanks in advance,


EDIT:: I found the pastebin with the example permissions nodes. I'm sharing it in the hopes it may help someone else as well.


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