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ANSSRPG - Open Source Player Progression. Build your own RPG!


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What it is:

ANSSRPG is a mod for Minecraft Forge that provides players, modpackers and server admins the ability to develop their own unique RPG system with player progression without any programming knowledge needed.




How it works:

ANSSRPG boils down to two fundamental concepts.

Primarily used to award a player with experience for doing things. For example you can create a 'Mining' skill that provides players with experience for mining ores. For example Iron Ore for 5 experience and Diamond Ore for 50 experience. Skills follow a few preset types but can be combined to create compound skills. All skills have a failure state which allows progression to be handled via the mod (a 'digging' skill will not allow a player to mine a block).

Perks come in two flavours: Unlocks and Effects.

Unlock Perks allow failure states to be represented. If a perk if present and the player does not have it they will trigger the failure state, if they do have it however the failure state will not be triggered. If there are no unlock perks defined for 'x' then there will not be a failure state for it.

Effect Perks allow for effects (potion effects at this time) to be applied to players among other things.
[Config and usage guide]


Downloads can be found through CurseForge or Github releases.


This mod is licensed under MIT so do what you want with it.

How to report a issue or get help

  • Read the wiki and other resources for the mod.
  • Read: How to report a bug.
  • Using a service like Hastebin (no Dropbox) please upload:Any crash reports.
  • Console logs (both server.log and forge mod loader(fml) logs).
  • All Config files .
  • Create a github issue with the following information:


    • Description of the issue:


  • Steps to reproduce it (How do I make this happen?):
  • Steps taken to resolve it (Did I fix it? If so, How?):
  • The uploaded logs from step 3.

NOTE: If you're looking for help via IRC read this.

After reading that, you can find me in #disconsented on the Espernet IRC.

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I'd rather have the system be completely up to the admins to define the skill trees - what if I want an "electrician" skill for my high-tech server? Or an "undead hunter" skill, that only gets increased by killing skeletons and zombies? Or something related to a completely new mechanic introduced by some mod?


I'd imagine a fully modular system being split into experience triggers and perks, with configuration telling what skill each is associated with and how much XP it provides or requires.
 XP triggers would be things like breaking certain blocks, killing mobs, using items, or anything else for that matter - you might even be able to see some of the stuff from MC's own stats system. Perks would let you do more things, like mine better ores, craft items more efficiently, use more things, or deal more damage with each hit.


For example, in your default configs the farming skill might have breaking tall grass as a small-scale XP trigger, crafting a hoe and harvesting crops as a more beneficial trigger, and as a perk let you sneak-click crops to make them grow faster and plant and harvest more different kinds of crop.

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At the moment what I have done is essentually a tech demo so it is all subject to change. As for custom skills like you have described it is an idea, however it would need to be better explored (although it should be quite possible) but with how I have currently programmed the mod things like "undead hunter" should be rather easy to impliment (as well as adjust what I currently have). As for new mod mechanics there will need to be hooked into on a case by case basis as many of them use their own systems (for example IC2's laser doesn't use forge's block break event which is why it is so hard to protect against) but it is somthing I am quite willing to do (heck others can help contribute as well as it will be open source). Everything else for the most part I agree on and will probably try to impliment in the near future :)
Your input is greatly appreciated

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Okay so after doing some experimentation it looks I will be able to have all skills definable by the end user :)

However setting up the config file kinda sucks, not much I can do there sorry(requires a few restarts to work correctly).

As of right now I need help with figuring out a better name than "Stuff n Things"


Perk system:

This is how I will handle the bracketing/restrictions for things like what can be mined, what tools can be used etc as well as any sort of special ability's (maybe somthing like a redstone emp?)

To obtain a perk you must meet the requirements, select the perk(probably a command) and then sacrifice experience for it


What sort of skills would people like to see beyond just breaking blocks? (ala Mining, Digging and Woodcutting)

What are peoples opinions on bracketing things like tools and Armour? (You must have x perk to be able to use y)

What is your opinion on bracketing in general?

What are your thoughts on the perk's system?


Also, any suggestions for a name?

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Alright here is the first test candidate for the mod. (MC Version 1.7/ Forge build
Currently it has support for 3 different skill methods (Crafting block, breaking and killing entities)
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9049845/ASSRPG-1 Test Candidate.jar
Please test it and abuse it and report any bugs and the like to the github https://github.com/disconsented/ANSSRPG/issues

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Your perk GUI looks pretty good. I'd recommend allowing items/icons to be displayed with each perk, just so people have something visual to associate with each perk.


I'm guessing from the mockup that each entry on the left would show the perk's name and a few words describing it, and you'd click it to bring up the complete description on the right?


A text filter bar and a scroll bar (like the creative inventory's compass tab) would be useful to navigate a lot of perks, but I don't know if you'd have enough perks to make it worth the effort.

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So feedback, comments, concerns, bugs or features? The input I receive here is going to determine if I continue to work on the project (No point doing it if there isn’t any interest).

For a better explanation for my plans on this mod: https://github.com/disconsented/ANSSRPG/blob/master/README.md

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Looks great; I'd be all over it except I'm still on 1.6.4 for everything. I bet it would be useful for adventure maps.


Would it be possible to get a right-click skill, so on SMP teams of players don't collude by choosing different crafting skills and all using the machines?

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A skill that controls combinations of held items and target blocks/entities/etc that get cancelled. You might cancel right-clicks if someone without a "ranching" skill tries to right-click a sheep with shears, or stop people from opening the GUIs of various machines without a skill required to use them, or block people from right-clicking seeds onto crops if they don't have a "farming" skill.

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