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Suggestions for Hack/Mine


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This is a list of suggestions I came up with for Frizzel.

1. A party system. Would work similarly to Diablo 2's GUI for the party. Those that are in a party cannot harm eachother, EXP is shared, and appear on the minimap. People who aren't in a party can harm eachother and don't appear on the minimap. For GUI, it would be a Player list with who you are allied to at the top, with hostile/neutral players below.

2. Explosion/Fire Nerf. For how many lava areas and explosive spells/creatures there are, I think this needs to be toned down. Can you find a way to make items immune to spells like lightning strike, lightning arrow, and lightning bomb? I'm finding that I need to stick to one spell or tactic when I'm trying to get items. The Roflconda's explosion radius is also way too big. Within a minecraft day, you can completely devastate an entire landscape with just them. Same goes with the arrow bomb.

3. Fix for the mage's lightning spell. (not the strike, but the bolts) When using the lightning on mobs, if you use it multiple times, you will disconnect or crash.

4. Circumvention for "Player is moving too fast" disconnection. If a player is using a spell to achieve a higher than average speed, or high run/walk speed equipment, they should not be kicked.

5. A way to get to the nether or specific nether-based mobs. The nether would be level 20 and up maybe.

6. More weapon types, such as a staff(mage), hammer(warrior), crossbow/longbow(ranger). Can you look into cooperating with Balkon for this?

7. (Not a suggestion, but a question) What uses do you have planned for Agility?

8. Maybe a spell tree, or spell system where you get 1 point to spend on a spell each level. Each level towards a spell could increase range (projectile, teleport, leap, etc), damage, number of projectiles, decrease mana cost/cooldown. Anything really. Could allow for more customization between players.

9. Maybe new passive spells for the classes, or differentiate how stats effect certain classes.

Anyways, keep up the good work, my friends and I really enjoy this mod.

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I want a mob that can gain xp from mobs so that way if you get surrounded and one is there you have to kill it before the rest to maximize your xp and make him lvl up. a good name would be Behemoth. i love the mod but somethings need to change like the mobs all having the same sounds. I love the leveling though.

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  • The ability to change your spawn. Perhaps some kind of high-level spell or extremely rare item could be used for this. Maybe you can only move your spawn so far per level? This would be a great way to balance the mechanic.
  • A "Berserker" mode/spell for the warrior class. Simply put, increased speed, and lots of damage for everybody, including the player. High risk, high reward.
  • A "falcon punch"-esque spell for the warrior. (High cost, good windup when cast, explosions and flames that scale with the strength and maybe intelligence, perhaps self-damaging. This would obviously be a high tier spell.)
  • A spell for the mage class that lets you levitate all mobs into the air for a period of time. (Like in that video demo you did.) The amount of time that animals are levitated for (and thus damage) would be linked to your intelligence.
  • Perhaps the ranger's climbing speed should be linked to a stat? Or an upgrade-able passive spell/ability?
  • Nerf ranger’s bow inaccuracy. Please. Perhaps increase accuracy the longer the bow is drawn past the point of maximum charge? Something needs to be done with this.
  • Potions as loot. Why is this not already included? They fit the RPG theme perfectly and would be trivial to add. Possibly substituting temporary boosts of certain stats for the potions of resistance, strength, speed, etc. Temporary one-shot buffs are a great part of many RPGs, (Also potions for mana. As far as I am aware, a potion of instant mana regeneration would be fairly easy to add, and it would also be a lifesaver in a pinch.)
  • SPELLSCRIPT POTIONS. Seriously, think of the possibilities. Potion of no knock-back? Yes please. Potion of one minute of climbing for non-ranger classes? A lifesaver. A potion of helium that makes you float-ey and makes your sounds higher pitched? Amazing. Potion of constant chicken farting? WANT. These would be wonderful to have as they are cross-class and can be traded/shared. And the throw-able potions would add an extra dash of variety to combat. Imagine a throw-able potion of immobility to give yourself a small head start on killing everything/running away, or a throw-able potion of confusion that made mobs attack the closest mob regardless of type. (Plus, a throw-able version of the chicken-farting potion would be pretty much the best thing ever to watch.)

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