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how to install shaders?

heero yuy79

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I have recently been messing with the shader mod in 1.7.5 (I have not played minecraft in almost a year I saw a thing about shaders and I was like :o so I updated minecraft (and then unpatched it back to 1.7.5) and installed the ultra shaders and had fun with that)


now I want to actually have a bit of fun in minecraft and the only real way to do that I find is tekkit but I cannot figure out how to install the shaders propperly

I downloaded the 1.6.4 version of the shader mod and put it In the mods folder (all the other steps that I am told to go through I cannot go through due to the fact tekkit does not use the minecraft launcher but it appears to be just setting up forge anyway)

i then put my shader mod into the shaders folder (sonic ethers thing (all the versions as well) but i either get really messed up colours a black screen or more recently a white screen but if i spin around i can see blue shapes on the left of the screen


is there something i need to do to make it work properly? I'm told that with the shader mod version i am using i need to turn off some settings for optifine but i do not know if optifine is installed and if it is installed i cannot find the options

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I too am experiencing this problem and have been messing around with it for a couple hours.


As it stands I can load EITHER optifine OR the shaders mod.  When I try to use both it crashes with no error messages (opens...tries to load...goes back to tekkit launcher).

With Optifine only I get no shaders options (obviously) but it works fine.

With shaders mod it looks like it's super bright like i'm standing on the sun and can only see if i aim straight up at the sky (with SEUS v10 Ultra DOF -- I haven't tested any other) but when I try to disable the shader and return to internal or none the game glitches out and I'm forced to shut down.


I'm still experimenting but if I get the shaders to work with tekkit I'll post back here.  Please do the same :-)

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I have tried SEUS v10 (all the versions) as well as that one that's compatible with 1.6.2 (v8 or v7 I think) all either give really weird colours or the aforementioned black/white screens


hang on.... if I can get back to the white screen I wonder if lowering the brightness might fix things

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Sorry for gravedigging, but I have information to help fellow googlers :)


I had the same issue and asked in the official SEUS topic, here's the reply I got. (Posting here to help with people looking for answers)


Hi Oppenheimer,

Ok, the crazy bright screen is a common problem with a lot of shader packs that incorporate particular lighting modifications when used with mods that add blocks and materials to the game without any maps, resulting in the shader core not being able tell how to project light, shadows, reflections e.t.c. on to those items. Things like BuildCraft and ThermoCraft are known to be the most effected because of the blocks and the way they were designed, but sadly there isn't a fix for it. Either a large part of the shader needs to be deactivated, or the mods adding materials need to be tweaked to work with shaders.



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