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im sorry that i have to say this aloud on the WWW (world wide web) but my computer sucks and technic lags no matter what im doing! Now to take it one step further i logged into my tekkit and i mucked around a little and when i was about to log off i was struck by a volt of unberable lag and tekkit was then renderd unplayable! I dont use this term loosely becasue the moment before i logged off it took five second for the computer to respond to my mouse after a movement! Butt the reason i dubb it unplayable is becasue after the incident i simply couldnt play tekkit anymore! When i tried to play it it displayed all of the assets booting up as usual but then it just stopped. It didnt open minecraft and it didnt close the technic platform even though all of my other modpacks worked. it continued this patern up to the point i stopped trying and made this page.I looked around in the tekkit modpack files and one of my two saves was gone but i dont know which. Someone please help i absolutely love tekkit and the only thing keeping me sane now is the hope that someone on the forum can help me get my tekkit back!



please help. :pray:

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