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[1.0.10b] [PVE][Oceanic][18+] Survival Server [5 Slots Left][Whitelisted] Taking Applications!

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I'm a 38 year old Singaporean with a busy life schedule. Modded minecraft is my go-to-game when I need to de-stress. I recently rented a 10-man 24/7 server and am looking for mature and friendly people to create some life on the server. Ultimately, I'm looking for a small community, people who can become friends, who respect each other and still have fun.


1) All players should be age 18 and above. 


1) I prefer players in the GMT+8 - +10 timezone (Aussie/NZ/SE-Asia). Among other things, you get to have people from your timezone to play with in the event I'm not around. 


2) The standard stuff applies - no spamming chat, griefing or stealing. If you have to stop and think about not acting in such a puerile manner, you are not the player for this server. When I get home I'm usually tired and just want to play and chat a bit. I have no patience with rule-breakers, griefers and trolls. 1 strike, and you are out. 


3) All mods are included. No bukkit plugins which is why I expect a modicum of adult responsibility and maturity on the part of those who want to join. 


4) Feel free to curse, we're all adults. Post your gameplay on youtube if that is what you want. 



Please fill in the following details in your application. I'll notify you if I consider you a good fit for the server. Thank you.



In-game Name:


Home Location:

Why do you want to play on this server:

Experience with the mods in the pack:

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In-game Name: rudmer18

Age: 18

Home Location: The Netherlands (not convenient I know)

Why do you want to play on this server: I'm looking for a small and cosy community to have fun with without getting griefed or raided every 5 minutes.

Experience with the mods in the pack: I'm more known with the technical side of the pack, machines etc. Not so much things like witchery. 

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IGN: snoopysound

Age: 13 (But I am more mature than you'd ever imagine.)

Home location: U.S. East Coast (don't worry, I have 2-3 other people I have an idea for if the server fills up like 1 a month)

Why I want this: I like to build, and it is fun to build in THIS mod pack because.. Well, you know why. I also want a small server where I can be continuously building without worries of getting griefed, and I hate it when like some 5 year old is spamming in the chat.

Experience with mods: Certain project red, smelteries, fossils and archeology, and advanced genetics (I told you, I'm a builder, not really one to get TOO in to mods, also I tend to like safari nets)

I hope you accept me, I won't mind having to show myself around, by the way, I'll stay up really late one night or get up really early so someone can show me around the server, if needed. Thanks even if I don't get in ;):D

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In-game Name:FragMaster27


Home Location:U.S Eastern

Why do you want to play on this server: I want to play with others and see how others use this mod pack

Experience with the mods in the pack: I'm not bad but i need some help but i learn quick

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In-game name:Willsom_Grier


Home Location: U.S.  central  

Why do you want to play on this server: I would like to have a chance to play a game, that I have only ever played by myself, with people. Also I would like to do things in game that others than just myself can see.

Experience with the mods in the pack: I am experienced with fossils/archeology, galacticraft, thermal expansion, tinkers contract, carpenters, and project red 


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In-game Name: kipmenu

Age: 24

Home Location: The Netherlands (GMT +1)

Why do you want to play on this server: I started this modpack a couple of weeks ago on a public server. That crashed very often, lots of lag, so I left. Joined a whitelisted server about a week ago but that just got deleted without any notice. So I'm looking for a new whitelisted server, love the modpack, but don't like playing it alone, and most public servers aren't any good.

Experience with the mods in the pack: Been playing it a couple of weeks now, got some dinosaurs, enhanced my DNA and played around with Witchery a bit. I'm pretty familiar with the more 'standard' things like Thermal Expansion & Tinkers Construct.  

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I Love A friendly Minecraft environment!

I know almost everything about all the mods.


I Understand that I am too young for what you want and also don't live in the same time zone but I absolutely love this mod pack, there is always one thing I feel is missing though, A friendly community. I am tired of being greifed and many other annoying things, I searched and searched the web to find a good server but still couldn't find one. I am applying to join this server so I can play minecraft, makes some new friends, and most of all have some fun.




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My  name is Fabian. I'm 17 Years and I'm from germany. It is nice to meet you! 
I would realy like to play with you because it sounds like that you are a friendly guy who just wants to build a bit and play peacefully. I like that!

I also want to play with someone because it feels so empty when I build allone in my world without being able to show other people what i already built.

My ingame name is "hydropi334" and if you want to add me on skype you cann send me a PN if you want to"

Your faithfully


Fabian :3

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In-game Name:Astonyen
Home Location:Turkey
Why do you want to play on this server:I ve been playing DW20 modpack lately and im into building with details and witchery and Atack of the B-Team is the best pack for it.(Also watchinh all the youtubers :P) Your server seemed kinda cool and i hope you have 15/24 hours a day players like me :)
Experience with the mods in the pack:. Ive been playing DW20 and some other modpacks servers for a year  and also watcing most of the youtubers(cimmers and genny/bdubs are the best)

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In-game Name: InfetionX

Age: 22

Home Location : United States

Why do you want to play on this server: specifically I like the pve aspect as well as the max 10 people at one time. I find the 18 plus a unique aspect that will keep chat quiet.

Experience with the mods in the pack: I have enough experience to play without asking any questions. If I come across a problem I will figure it out on my own.

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My IGN is bringfling

age 18

location is united states 

why i want to join: well like you said you want a sever full of only mature people and not people who wine about dieing or troll others iv been in a server were thats what they did and the worst part was the admin modded his friends and they griefed every thing and every one now i dont complain i just packed my things and moved but after a couple times i said to my self yea i need to look for a more mature server and iv tryed iv been on many public sever what say there mature but when i log back in all my stuffs gone so that is why id wish to join your server 


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   I understand you said you wanted 18 and above players but before you decide that to be an official rule id like to apply please think about your decision before you make it and give me a chance i need a small white-listed server to start my YouTube channel on. 


   IGN: 8blade, (this is a friends account sorry if the name sounds childish).


   Age: 16 


   Location: USA, Idaho (no where near the same timezone lol). 


   Why I want to join: As i have commented earlier I said I need a small white list sever to start my YouTube series on I would not mind Skyping or using Team Speak to talk and make videos with any of you. You are all older and much more mature than I, so I do not mind (I usually talk to people older than me because of the maturity level I do not like most kids my age who only think of girls, party's and, drugs,).


    So if you do not want to accept this application I completely understand I saw some kids down there around the same age level, obviously they didn't really extend their letter out as much as mine. Although if you do accept me to the server please send me a skype message. I do have a picture of what i look like just in case you were wondering. 


Skype: Armadillid 


     ~Thank you for your time 

                                               - Justin 




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IGN: Girardawg

Name: Andrew

Age: 22

Time-Zone: Im in Pacific-Time Zone I live in SF Bay California

I am looking for a server for me to play on I have been playing solo on AOTBT for couple month now. I get lonely and would like to be in a small friendly server. I am a college student with a minor in architectural design. I to use minecraft as my go to game and I would likely be on daily. I would be very respectful to others on the server. I love to build and design houses and villages. 

My understandings of the mods on this server are well rounded. I am an expert at Tinker's Construct, Biblocraft, micro blocks, and others although on thermal expansion, witchery, and necromancy mods I'm still learning. It'd be great to play on this server.

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In-game Name: lukitiki


Home Location: Eastern US

Why do you want to play on this server: I figure it would be nice to play with an older crowd than usual.

Experience with the mods in the pack: I've got the basics down for most of the mods, i'm working my way through the more advanced stuff.

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