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Which mod is this?


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Hey i am making my own modpack and having a little bit of trouble finding the right mods. I would like to apologize if this post is not in the right place because i couldnt find the right place for this so i picked off topic. My modpack is similar to some classic tekkit stuff. i was wanting the mod that had all the SwiftWolf's Rending gale rings, the energy condenser, and the red and dark matter stuff. I then did some research and it seems to be a part of equivalent exchange mod, but when i installed it it only had the philosopher's stone and the alchemical chest and some other stuff. I thought that was weird because the philosopher's stone made things such as dark matter and the rings. I was wondering if its because its just compatible with some other mod i need or im using a certain version that does not contain the items (by the way im using it for 1.6.4) and if its a different mod then please tell me. Thanks!

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There are two versions of it. EE2 and EE3. EE2 is not updated anymore, that's the one with the rings and condensers

EE3 is the one currently updated and developed by pahimar.


and custom modpack questions belong to platform pagoda

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