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2 Questions: Power Quarry, Save Energy


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i just started my own private Tekkit server and i have a few problems with it...
first of all: If i want to power my quarry with a advanced solar panel using a hardend conduit from thermal expansion the quarry is runnig ultra fast...which is a bit inbalanced because the panel and the conduit are quite cheap. Is there a way to change the converting ratio of thermal expansion to buildcraft? I couldn't find it in the configs.

Second: I have to Advanced Solar panels and to use the electricity at night i want to store it. But the only "BatBox" i found was the energy storage module which just can hold up to 2,5MJ which is pretty much nothing...and i don't want to spam my solar array field with these modules. Is there another block like the esm just with more capacity?



I did a bit of testing and i figured out for the first problem that the problem only occurs if i just use one conduit pipe...
like: "Solar -> few wires -> 1 hardend conduit -> Quarry"
but i i build: "Solar -> wires -> few hardend conuits -> Quarry" it's working in a moderate speed

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The Advanced Solar is from galaticraft right?

If so you're probably experiencing a bug, there are quite a few bugs in galaticraft when converting to/from RF, where it can drastically multiply your power output.


FYI your setup is converting whatever power the Advanced Solar produces to RF then to MJ.

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Galacticraft bug. They probably never wanted to make Solars that powerful, it's just the buggy state of that mod interacting with other mods. Use dynamos if you want "normal difficulty" power generation.


The primary power system in Tekkit is Thermal Expansion's Redstone Flux (RF). Generators are all called Dynamos, with reactors from the two nuclear mods also plugging into an RF grid nicely. Power transmission and conversion to anything non-RF (mostly MJ) is done via conduits. RF is stored in Leadstone, Hardened, Redstone and Resonant Energy Cells.

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