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[1.7.2/1.6.4] Asie's Mods (AsieFixes, Computronics, ReCreate, lots of forks)


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Hey! I'm asie and I make mods. Sometimes.


I made a few mods recently:

  • Computronics - adds tape players, chat boxes, iron note blocks, raytracing cameras and a few other niceties to ComputerCraft and OpenComputers,
  • AsieFixes - some tweaks I find nice and Metallurgy compatibility for Foundry and Mekanism,
  • ReCreate - rearranging creative tabs is now easy!,
  • a lot of forks - ports of many mods to 1.7.2, a fork of Chisel that focuses on bugfixing and is used by TPPI.

I also made a few mods which are currently abandoned, but if you ask nicely enough I offer support for them:

  • EnderNet - inter-server item and message transmission (P2P!),
  • Stackalizer - a very simple and semi-broken replacement to WR-CBE without 90% of the features.

I also run a blog detailing my latest rants in the world of mining and crafting right here.

Obligatory Screenshots (changes whenever I feel like it):






Downloads, Documentation, Other Stuff

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