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Attack of the B-Team server [Whitelisted] looking for some people, to play with

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Hi, I really hope you accept me into the server. 

I am very good at automation, but i am pretty bad at building :).

I am very easy going, and will always lend a hand if someone needs it. 

My skype is lucaspas23, and my real name is Luke.

Thanks, and i hope to hear back from you soon.

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Hi there, I've been looking for an Attack Of The B-team whitelisted server (In the EU) for quite a while now and have come across yours.

I am currently on an AotB-Team whitelisted server but unfortunatley the lagging issues are preventing me from enjoying the mod pack.

I enjoy playing on a whitelisted server because they provide a friendly environment for the player.


My IGN is MarmyMook


I am 14 years old


Unfortunately I do not have Skype


I live in the UK


I am familiar with the majority of the mods in the modpack.


I would love to join your server.   Thanks for reading!

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it wod be awsome to play whit som ghys/girls bean playing  attack of the b tem in singel player sice it came upp so i know i bit a but the modds but not alot.

im a qite good bulder to


my in game name is xFlyHalox

age: 24

lives: sweden

skype: mesege me a but it

and hit me upp yust sen me a coment here if you ned other in fo

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IGN: Hidden_Paw

Age: 15

Experience with modpack: I know the majority of the mods very well, but some things are still unknown to me

Location: England

Building Ability: around 5/10, i dont really enjoy building large structures, so most of mine are small enough to be classed as living spaces

Skype: Alas, i do not have one.

What i Plan to do: I plan to construct and sell high quality pets, from vanilla, witchery, and darwin.

Favourite mod: Witchery/Necromancy


I hope you see my application as acceptable, and i hope to see you soon



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I would love too play on a white listed server. I'm a little young but I hope it's ok

age:11 almost 12

I respect pepole and I would never take someone's stuff

i love playing little pranks on pepole

Skype: cathat500

so I'm hoping to be in this server. :)

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sorry and I live in Missouri and single player isent my type I hope I can play with you and other pepole. I also like to be around pepole and soon enough I whant to be a youtuber and making videos. and I'll remeber not to put the ip in the description

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In-Game Name: kegan056

Age: 14
Why do you want to play on this server: Singleplayer has been getting really boring and i hope that i can join
What DO you like to do (Build, Mine, etc.): i like to build bunkers and fortres 
What DON’T you like to do: pvp only
Experience with modpack (1-10): tinker,dino,tropiccraft,carpertenblocs
i hope i can join 
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IGN: KUSavannah

Age: 19

Skype none*

why i want to be on the server: i am making a youtube channel of attack of the b team

What do I like to do: build, and tinkering

What i dont like: PVP

Expirence: Witchery Tinkers Construct and Carpender blocks

Where i live : Kansas USA


* ill get one if i need to get one


I hope you read this and enjoy it. KUSavannah1

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