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[1.6.4] NoobCraft [PVP][10][24/7][MoonQuest w/ Factions]

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This server is running the MoonQuest Technic Pack







Key Mods




Tinkers Construct

Many Many more...

Find the full list at www.moonquest.net


About the Server


My friend David and I have been wanting to create a server with 10-20 other players that have a similar mindset as us.


We are looking for mature players who enjoy a little friendly competition.  For this reason, we are leaving most of explosives enabled for the server.  Factions has been added to allow you to protect your base, but that doesnt mean it is safe from all means of explosives. (ICBM)  We want this to be a fun environment where several opposing factions can race to the moon, sabotage each other, and still form lasting friendships.


The server wont have a fancy spawn hub or anything like that.  Maintenance will be minimal and probably only when required.  We want this to be a simple but fun server where you and your friends can do pretty much anything you want.


Also the world is fresh! We just generated it yesterday April 22.  So you wont have to worry about an overcrowded, resource drained world!


Server Rules


Griefing is allowed, but only if the player or member of the factions is online at the time.  (Don't be a jerk about it)


Explosives are also allowed.


Be courteous to other players.  We want friendly competition. 


If anyone disobeys these rules we will ban players as we see fit.




If you have any questions about the server, please email me at [email protected]


You can find our website (still in development) at www.noobcraft.us


David and I will be recording a lot of our game-play on this server to post on youtube so feel free to join us!

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