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Combustion Engine - Water empties and over heat


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I have 4 combustion engines setup with a pump and infinite water source per 2 engines. The pumps are each powered by 4 redstone engine and split properly to distribute 50% to each combustion engine.


Randomly at a point the engines will start using water and not replenishing, despite water being in the pipe leading to it and will then overheat and explode.


At first believed this was only when away from the pumps, so I setup a Dimensional Anchor as OP but again when I returned was exploded.


So I tried staying logged in next to the engines/pumps. Came back to computer to find exploded.


Just now was working nearby the pumps and returned to find each engine at about 10-20% water and not filling, despite the pumps running and water in the pipe above them. Each was Green at this time and luckily got them turned off in time.


So, even with the chunks loaded the engine just seems to stop accepting water, or use water faster than a pump per 2 engines can provide. Is this as intended? What can I do to have stable/dependable combustion engines without fearing walking away from them?


Had this happen every Tekkit game I've setup over at least the last year so not something suddenly I doubt.

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When you shut the pumps off (the last time you described) did the engines then fill with water?  I'm trying to figure out if somehow they aren't filling at all or if they're just filling really slowly.


What type of pipe are you using to transport the water?  Maybe you're running into a capacity issue...  if all the engines are fed by a single pipe perhaps it can't keep up with so many?  (But, to be honest, I'm grasping at straws because I haven't experienced this issue before)

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Combustion engines are very problematic. If your water source is in a different chunk then the engine, the engine may blow up when the pump gets unloaded from memory. The only solution I found that allows for carefree running is as follows. You need to use an Aqueous Accumulator directly below EACH engine, as in directly connected. Place a bucket of water on 2 sides to activate the Aqueous Accumulator.

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