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Teleport to other dimensions ? Possible?

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I was playing on a server where the owner had to give up hosting, so I got the map files from him and started my own server with it. Seems to be working fine except for one catch, the enhanced portals won't connect to each other, even though the files on the server appear to be correct, re-uploaded them, re-started etc. The fix seemed to be to remove the dialing upgrade from each, place it back in and set the dialing code again. That's pretty easy for the overworld portals, but the ones on the moon and other dimensions it's not so easy.


Is there any way through admin commands (I'm the owner and admin of the server) to teleport to another dimension? All I see from searches are some command block stuff and things about Mystcraft, which has a /tpx command.


I'd like to get all the portals working again before I open the server to the other players, but if I can't easily get to the other portals (especially the one on the moon) I'll just let them know those don't work yet.


Unless someone knows a fix for the enhanced portals problem? Otherwise, I guess I'll have to edit my player.dat file to get myself there.

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