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  1. The vanilla launcher has the option to set the game's horizontal and vertical resolutions from the launcher, is this possible in the Technic launcher? The information is stored in the vanilla profiles JSON file like so: "resolution": { "width": 1000, "height": 600 }, So I'm wondering if it's possible to have something similar work in the Technic launcher? It would be handy to not have to resize my window every time I run Technic.
  2. Open the config file for either mod, change one of the conflicting items to one of the numbers given in the error. For instance, open the witchery config, find the brazier entry, change it from whatever it is (1916?) to 2628.
  3. I never liked Rei's, the only useful option in it is mob radar.
  4. The engine needed isn't called an engine, it's a basic CPU for the proto titan and advanced cpu for the alpha titan. I got the proto one to craft, and could open it's inventory, but couldn't make it turn, there's a bug in the code. You can go forward and back, and side to side, but you can't make it face a different direction.
  5. Hats, waypoints and morphs are stored in other files, so you wouldn't lose those.
  6. We had the same issue, if you can find the DNA breeder in MC Edit, just delete the block, that's what worked for us.
  7. Chimneyswift had a problem with something on his ship, I think it was so bad they had to delete the whole thing or it crashed and deleted itself. So, yeah, test everything in a creative world you don't care about first, as it may make the world unplayable.
  8. Thanks I'll keep that on hand if we want to update our server.
  9. We had a problem with the Mr Crayfish ovens a while back, so we don't use them anymore. Find any ovens and delete them. Might also want to post this in the crash reports area in the meantime.
  10. There's something else wrong then, but take out the poppet shelf for a while, see what happens, Like I said, we have three running a bunch of stuff active in those chunks on much less memory with no issues. Try the poppet shelf in a different chunk maybe? That's what MC Pro recommends for a FTB server, so we figured it would be good enough for AOTBT, with 33 players slots, and it's run nicely so far. A server doesn't need as much RAM as the client does, I guess.
  11. Got the link handy for that download?
  12. I just had something similar happen, the NEI list was empty, even though nothing was in the search field. I restarted and it worked again, so maybe try that? Also, be sure NEI is in recipe mode, just to be sure.
  13. We have three poppet shelves keeping three adjacent chunks loaded that contain an inventory system, a set of pulverisors/furnaces and six spawners (2 each zombie, skeleton, witch) running into two auto spawners that spawn various mobs all the time into grinders. No problems there. The server is an MC Pro Hosting Iron plan server, so it only has 1600MB RAM. A 4GB server should have no problem with one shelf unless there's a billion entities getting spawned in that chunk as well. Our system all has grinders or other means that kill the mobs, so nothing lives for more than a few seconds. But the
  14. That's a pretty cool idea, yeah sure, it takes some expensive items to make, but not too horrible. Would definitely be a help draining sludge and sewage pits that are scattered around.
  15. I found this as well, since my item system spans three chunks (use F9 to see where chunk boundaries are) I created three poppet shelves to keep each of the chunks loaded and it works fine. My hotbar stock of bread is kept at full with the item system, a stock keeper chip and that player inventory block (forget it's name). Using the poppet shelves as chunk loaders also fixed problems I was having with item and fluid duct systems that spanned chunk boundaries.
  16. Interesting, here's the list sorted by hunger restored, in descending order: Item - Hunger Restored - Saturation Modifier Bowl of Rice Meat - 20 - 0.6 Peanut and Jelly - 20 - 0.6 Sandwich - 20 - 0.6 Kebab - 18 - 0.6 Pizza Bagel - 18 - 0.6 Fruit Pie - 17 - 0.6 Grilled Cheese Sandwich - 16 - 0.6 Bowl of Rice Veggie - 15 - 0.6/0.8 Hot Chocolate final - 15 - 0.6 Meatball Cooked - 15 - 0.6 Cream Cheese Bagel - 14 - 0.6 Egg Sausage - 14 - 0.6 Fried Chicken Cooked - 14 - 0.6 Hot Dog - 14 - 0.6 Raw Cheese Sandwich - 14 - 0.6 Black Forest Cake Coffee - 13 - 0.6 Carrot Soup - 13 - 0.6 Cheese Pasta - 1
  17. I've set the pixie spawn ID on our server to zero to keep them from spawning to begin with. A cheaty-ish way of getting some of the needed gems for the staff is to use the unifier (forget which mod that is, minefactory?) which will convert the common project red gems to the rare biomes o plenty gems. Of course, you'd still need to get the couple that aren't duplicated between mods.
  18. Yeah, they were supposed to have fixed that spawn reset bug, but it didn't seem to work. Last time I tried it, my spawn got reset to the new Tropicraft portal again.
  19. I think planes are disabled in this mod pack, something about them being glitchy.
  20. I've never gotten crafting pipes to work either, and like Kalbintion, they either don't do anything or crash the server.
  21. Ah, I see in the config it's meant to be used for fast travel roads, good to know. The carpenter blocks fixed the problem I was having inside, and I just wanted the concrete for the texture there anyway. I'll keep it in mind for road building though.
  22. I don't think tesseracts work with gases, but you could fill tanks and then transport those, then decompress them, but I'm not sure if tesseracts transport across dimensions like that. Also not sure how you'd automate it. For our moonbase, I'm thinking of putting all the O2 generation stuff underground. But for a space station, there's not much you can do I don't think.
  23. Ah, thanks, yeah, carpenter's blocks will do the trick. It was funny though, for a while I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get out my door and why I was running so fast, lol.
  24. I used concrete (chisel mod) as a floor in a room and it makes you walk very fast and slippery as if you're on ice. It also makes you taller so you can't fit out a two block high door while standing on it. I don't think this is the intended result? Though it's probably a problem with the mod itself and not the ATOBT pack, I wasn't sure where to post about it otherwise.
  25. Well, there's your problem! (To quote Mythbusters, lol) Thanks a bunch.
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