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  1. The__Archer 12, but mature i want to join because its no fun playing by yourself but also no fun playing with like 100 people, i love to play with small communities. Gmail: [email protected]
  2. Finding A Private Server

  3. Age - 12 but mature The__Archer (there are two underscores which are made by shift -). Don't have Skype but have an email, [email protected] I would like to join your server because i love to play small community friendly servers where pranks are accepted within reason and people aren't complete jerks.
  4. Age 12, but mature Reason: I want a community to play with kinda like syndicates mianite server, i hate massively public servers. like when there are massive builds and you can't get out of spawn, i like a regular not built on spawn with a community ready to play together. Ialso hope people are not so personal about when they are pranked within reason, like filling their house with cakes or animals. no rules but don't be a complete jerk. Access me my [email protected] IGN: The__Archer (two underscores, and yes I am a good archer)
  5. plowmanplow thx for the help, one last thing if you don't mind, which case should i get, i would prefer something kinda like a dell, the basic on/off (power) button, usb ports, headphones jack, and speakers jack. And again, thanks for the help.
  6. Heres what i have so far, tell me you suggestions or just what you think!!! Click The Link http://pcpartpicker.com/p/qvqkHx
  7. i thought is also had waypoints that were viewable in your hud? right? thats why i like reis Dweller_Benthos
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