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Tesseract not sending power in new Tekkit


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OK, I've been messing with this for hours but can't get my Tesseracts to send power. I have made sure they are tuned to the same frequency, both enabled and configured for sending/receiving power. I tried redstone energy conduits, placing them next to redstone cells which were configured correctly to input/output and nothing works...


I did manage to send items over these Tesseracts, so apparently I crafted and placed them right, but no power.


There is almost no documentation about this new type of Tesseract, perhaps this is a bug?





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I'm using it to power my laser drills:




so I have 4 Tesseracts in this setup


one at my reactor, pumping steam into the first one (configured to send liquids)

one at a turbine (receive liquids and send power)

one at the laser drill (receive power and send items)

and one in my base (receive items)


heres the configuration of the one at the drill:


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