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Help Vanilla worlds in tekkit?

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Hello, so I started up a server today with tekkit. Everything is running fine, but i'd like to use one of my old vanilla worlds from my vanilla server. I keep trying to use it, but the program just keeps replacing the world with its own. Does anyone have any suggestions? I need to know how to use a vanilla world in tekkit.

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I'm guessing your "vanilla world" is from 1.2.3 or higher, which means it is in the new format and therefore will not work with the current version (1.1) of tekkit. There may be some way to change the format back to the old style, but even if you did get it working, there would be no copper, tin, apatite, etc anywhere you have already explored. You would have to go to chunks you havent explored yet to get any of the new ores.

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