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Texture issue


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Hey everyone,

I have recently started using Tekkit in stead of modding my own MC. I now use the latest version from the technic launcher. However, I keep having this strange texture problem:




As you can see here I am using the Dokucraft Light 32x32 resource pack, and the shaders mod for 1.6.4 with SEUS. However, it does this with all resource pack or graphic settings. And only the Thermal Expansion machines textures are affected.

Any ideas?

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Yes, even when I disable shaders in the options menu it does this. I should mention I use Optifine HD U1. I guess I can take out the .jar for the shaders mod, maybe that helps. But somehow it looks like it wants to use two textures in the same place, it moves and glitches like crazy when I move the image around, you can clearly see the two separate textures interfering with each other.

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I think I read somewhere (on the tracker?) that there is a special issue with Thermal Expansion textures and shaders/textures added on top. If I should venture a wild guess, it may have to do with the fact that the coloured rectangles change with machine configuration.


Maybe bringing the problem to the attention of team COFH is the most productive idea here.


As for sunbun's question, I hear that many unofficial texture pack patches can only be found in forums or even more obscure places, and not in assorted download sections. More often than not there are copyright issues.

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