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[1.0.10]Pic's Hexxit Server[20 slots][PvP][No whitelist][Grief Prevention][Essentials]


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Server Address: pic2112.game-host.org

Dynmap: http://pic2112.game-host.org:8127


Our server is another laid-back hexxit server of 20 slots.  We have several active members and several members who pop in and out occasionally.   It has been a previously private server for 5 months.   Most people either worked together or are friends of people who worked together.  There are many new players since first posted. 


The rules are pretty common sense:

Protect your land and property (We have Grief-prevention mods that helps)

Respect other players.

Have fun


Plugins:  These are the functional plugins and I will add more in the future


Essentials (Buy, Sell, and Trade signs available to players.)


GriefPrevention  (lots of initial squares, buy and earn options)


ClearLagg is disabled at the moment.  Will re-enable if necessary.



No whitelist.


Had to ban bags, boxes, and a few other items because of Dup bug cheats.  I will undo if they patch it. (Update 5/10/14)


I haven't had to ban anyone yet.  I am pretty tolerant of most things.  This is a learning experience for me as well.  I am playing as a true player (I mine and build my stuff). I do admin things when they need to be done or players are stuck, building roads, etc.


Server will be active 24/7 except for very limited maintenance of patches and/or backups.


Added schematics like:

- Aysgarth by emree

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