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How do I make Caramel?


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The Food Plus Mod introduces an item called Caramel, which is used to make Sweets, which is in turn used to make Sweet Tools, Sweet Armour and Sweet Building Blocks.

The official Minecraft Forums Food Plus Mod thread says to install NEI to search for recipes, which is where my issue comes in.


NEI has no recipe for Caramel. So I looked up a list of up-to-date Food Plus recipes, and found out that Caramel is made by smelting sugar. One small issue with this, smelting sugar creates "Sugar Charcoal". I was wondering if there is an alternate, unlisted recipe for making Caramel. I'm just asking because I don't want to go to Creative mode and exchange 1 sugar for 1 caramel, although I can do that since I'd smelt using a Redstone Furnace and I have much much much more power than I have use for.

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As far as I know, there is no alternative.

If you really don't want to cheat (too much), create the sugar charcoal, and exchange that for the caramel.


You'll have burned fuel, and technically you should have gotten the caramel anyway.

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