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[1.6.4] Betaworld: Political Minecraft [Politics][CustomTexturePack][Economy]

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Server IP is built-into the modpack!
Nations, Politics, Intrigue, and More!
Betaworld is a unique modified minecraft experience in which players charter their own towns, establish governments, draft constitutions, sign treaties, vote in a global congress, get elected to important positions, grow their power, claim land, and build glorious monuments to their names!
Use a wide variety of magics, technologies, and cunning to tame this hostile world, it's moon, and even other dimensions populated by indigenous peoples, horrible monsters, dangerous wildlife, and fantastic wonders.
Good or Evil, Ancient or Modern, you can be and build what you wish on Betaworld. Whether you want to create a mystical temple, a stalwart medieval fortress, or a modern space command and science center; Betaworld has something for everybody, and all mature players are welcome.
Rules: Life, Liberty, Property. You can read our Constitution for full details.
Check Out Our Website
Betaworld isn't like most other modpack/server combos. We have many governments, including a Global Government, which set server rules by passing laws. Head on over to http://LifeOnBetaworld.com to learn more about us!
An Open-Source Project on GitHub!
Source files for our website, modpack, texturepack, and server are hosted in open-source repositories on GitHub. This allows anybody to contribute to the server itself by making configuration changes, adding mods or plugins, etc. It also allows everybody to transparently see what the configurations have been set at by Congress.
Custom Texture Pack
All mods have been tied together with a custom 64x64 texture pack based upon Misa (used with permission).
Dedicated Server
Server Hardware: Quad-Core 3.5Ghz e3-1270-V3 Haswell Xeon with HT, 16GB RAM, 480GB SSD Primary Hdd, 1TB Sata Secondary Hdd, 1Gbps backbone. Hosted with http://hivelocity.net
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Great server.
Amazing culmination of Mods. 
Up constantly with no issues.
And a friendly community.

It isn't everyday that you find a new home in Minecraft
but with smooth Server like this I found myself a keeper. 

I'll see you on Mars fellas!   
~*signed name stolen by wild Mankey!*

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