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I LOVE Attack of the B-Team, but I think it needs the following mods:


Minecraft Comes Alive


Portal Gun






Mob Dismemberment














And it also needs TreeCapitator, if you can add it in.

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Your best bet of having these mods added is if:

1) They fit the theme of  Attack of the B-Team (evil science kinda theme).

2) You attempt to get in touch with one of the members of the B-Team (either Generik or Bdubs) and hope that they get enough of a push for it.


Here's my personal opinion about the mods:

To be honest I don't think MCA would really fit it, Portal Gun maybe (since we've already got Dubstep Guns).

BackTools is more of an aesthetic mod, same with MobDismemberment and Shatter, so if you want them feel free to add them at your own risk.

The Camping Mod I feel would more suit Vanilla, since it is survival-esque.

PokeCycles I personally don't think would fit either, but it is a kind of aesthetic/utility mod.

Also, I see ComputerCraft as a really techy type mod, which is why it is seen in the heavier tech modpacks such as Tekkit.

StarMine could be cool top have your own planets etc, but idk if there would be incompatibilities and the likes.

OptiFine is known to give a buggy reaction with this modpack, and as such it will most likely remain completely optional to anyone who wants to use it.

Moses Mod seems kinda pointless tbh.

And finally, Treecapitator can be done by using a Lumber Axe from TConstruct,

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