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Atomic Science build 112. fusion finally works better.


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Well, they finally did it.  With build #112 of Atomic Science the fusion reactors are finally fixed up a bit.  Plasma cooperates and the reactor behaves a lot more predictably.  It still requires a LOT of deuterium and tritium being input into several plasma heaters to power up a single fusion reactor, but at least the reactor can finally output somewhat steady power.  It's had a complete overhaul of many of the control scripts from no longer boiling off water source blocks too plasma propagation and heat transfer actually working again.


the molecular assembler does not crash the game, although I could not get it to actually do anything...


did not test the particle accelerator, personally never had any luck with that thing...


A sad note though, Fission reactors tend to blow up...  even with 4 control rods and the thermometer set low...  might have just been my bad design that caused it to happen though.


But with the newest version of A.S. at least it's starting to get back to the mod it was in 1.5.4.


What works fine to update to atomic science build #112 is the following:


Atomic Science

Calclavia Core

Universal Electric Core



no other changes were needed and it played just fine with no conflicts.


Note:  Some new lines were added to the atomic science config file so these need to be changed to match the old settings.  And, the steam controls have been moved over too the calclavia config file.


Also note: turning up the steam output too 2, in the calclavia config seems to stabilize the turbines a bit for fusion builds.

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