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Can't use username without internet.

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Hey guys, I've fairly recently gotten into Technic/Tekkit and the slew of other awesome mod packs included in the launcher and am planning on setting up a Tekkit or Hack/Mine LAN party this weekend.

The problem is that the only place avaliable to host the event has no internet connection and apparently without internet, even if the premium user credentials are saved, it logs you in as "Player" (or something like that). Which means since everyone has the same name you can't play on the same local server.

My question is, is there a way to force the launcher use the saved credentials without an internet connection?

Or, is there a way to install/play these mods without the Technic Launcher?

Please don't waste a post to say "get an internet connection." I understand that would fix the issue, but for the moment that is not possible. Thanks

EDIT: X-Posted to technic launcher thread, probably more relevant over there.

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You can change the server.properties file to include the line "online-mode=false", or something like that anyway. Have a look in that file, the settings are fairly self-explanatory.
An offline mode server still kicks players with the same username.

Not 100% certain it'll work, but try launching while an internet connection is active, and then leaving it on? If possible.
That would work but there is no internet connection at all on site. People are bringing their computers with it already installed.

I have a way to get the names in regular minecraft but i can't figure out how to play the mods without the launcher.

Is there a way to merge the modpack.jar and minecraft.jar without it crashing?

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This problem has nothing to do with Tekkit, but I'll put half an effort into helping you anyway. What you need is a Bukkit plugin to manage local-authorization. With that, players can register an account on the server completely separate from their Minecraft.net account. When searching for it, keep in mind that they may shorten authorization to "Auth".

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